A week on the Island of Elba: what to do?

7 Things to do

Seven tips for seven days to spend on the island of Elba. Our hotel is located in Portoferraio and is the ideal place to keep as a point of departure for a holiday that has as its purpose both the desire to be by the sea and to get to know the area. From the Hotel Acquamarina you can easily reach all the main towns on the Island of Elba. So, here you have 7 tips for organizing your holiday week on the Island of Elba.
Arrange a visit of the archaeological museum of Portoferraio
Let's start with a suggestion to enrich your holiday on the island of Elba with culture. Visit Portoferraio and, above all, its archaeological museum. From there you can begin a complete trip to discover the history of the Island of Elba and let you suggest other beautiful places to see.
Spend some hours in Sant'Ilario in Campo
Someone says that this small village really represent the true essence of the Island of Elba. Will it be true? You just have to go and see. Sant'Ilario in Campo can be reached in about 25 minutes by car from the Hotel Acquamarina . The road that will lead you to this village will show you how beautiful and different our island can be. Sant'Ilario then, will win you over with its alleys and its colors.
Spend a day on the beach of Fetovaia
Here is a real "must" of every trip or holiday on the Island of Elba: swimming at the beach of Fetovaia. This place is located about half an hour away from our hotel and should be seen at least once during a trip to the island of Elba. Why is this beach so surprising? For its light sand. The clear bottom of the sea creates beautiful and crazy play of colors. Seeing is believing!
Arrange a visit of the Napoleonic residences When you think of Elba, your mind immediately goes to Napoleon Bonaparte and his presence on our island. There were two Napoleonic residences: one in the "city", if we can say so, and one in the countryside. The town-residence was the Palazzina dei Mulini in the high and ancient side of Portoferraio. The countryside one is called Villa San Martino. Both have become museums and will be open to visitors during the spring and summer season.
Take a ride on Monte Capanne The territory of the Island of Elba is particularly mountainous. Spend a day on Monte Capanne: you can walk through the woods and reach its thousand meters of altitude. Here you will also find a cableway which, in case you don't feel like climbing up, can take you almost to the top of the mountain. Just consider that on clear days you will get to see as far as Corsica.
Spend a day in the Terme di San Giovanni Spa
Did you know that the Island of Elba is a spa-place? In Portoferraio you will find the Terme di San Giovanni: the perfect place for a day spent in thinking only of you and your well-being. They say the thermal mud is something exceptional. What better choice than this to end your holiday week on the Island of Elba? The Hotel Acquamarina awaits you for a moment dedicated to yourself!
Visit the island of Pianosa The Tuscan Archipelago National Park, and includes all the major islands in the Tuscan Archipelago: Elba, Giglio, Capraia, Montecristo, Pianosa, Giannutri and Gorgona. Pianosa can be reached from Marina di Campo and Rio Marina. is 14 km from Marina di Campo, has a perimeter of 26 km, an area of 10.2 sq km. The maximal Height is 29 meters.