Beaches not to be missed on the Island of Elba

Going to the beach is certainly one of the best things to do while on holiday. Staying on the Island of Elba, perhaps right at the Hotel Acquamarina, will give you moments of relax to alternate with those of discovering the area. The beach is easily accessible on foot from our Hotel, but where to go to see beaches around the island? Here you have 5 beaches not to be missed during your stay on the Island of Elba.
Padulella Beach
The beach of La Padulella
If you love beaches with light sand, La Padulella will be one of the necessary choices. It is located near Capo Bianco and there are beautiful white cliffs to frame it. The right day to visit it? Surely when the wind comes from the south: the color of the sea will seem even more bright.
This is the closest beach to the Hotel Acquamarina. The brilliant white of the tall cliffs all around the beach that seem to plunge right down into the water stand out against the crystal clear, turquoise colour of the sea. The beach faces north, so its beauty is even more enhanced when a southern wind is blowing because it makes the sea even clearer,
and thanks to the white sea bed it goes from emerald green to turquoise and blue. it is about 170 metres long and consists of small, white, smooth pebbles ; depending on the winds, you will sometimes see heaps of dried posidonia on the beach brought in by the tide.
This beach is within the Protected Biological Area that goes from
Punta di Capo Bianco as far as Punta Falcone and the Scoglietto out at sea (included). In 1971 it was classed as a marine protection area, and this, plus the fact that there are many sand beds to the right of the beach, means the sea is rich in fauna so is perfect if you want to go snorkelling.
Sand, turquoise sea, enclosed in its small bay is the beach of Cavoli never disappoints. The color of the water will amaze you. This beach offers particularly gentle and calm access to the water.
The beach of Fetovaia
Sand, turquoise sea, enough space to be relaxed even on days when the island is well frequented. The Fetovaia beach never disappoints. The color of the water will amaze you. This beach offers particularly soft and easy access to water.
The beach of Sansone For lovers of nature and wild beaches, the beach of Sansone is a great choice. Here you will not find beach umbrellas and sunbeds waiting for you but really a lot of beauty. All the wonder our island is capable of.