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Gastronomy and the best recipes of the Island of Elba

The gastronomy of the island of Elba
A colorful territory puts on the table a really different and interesting gastronomy. If you are wondering what to eat on the island of Elba, we are ready to give you the answer you are looking for. It is often thought that an island has only seafood dishes in its most typical menus, but it is not like this! Here, according to us, what to eat on the island of Elba.
Cinghiale alla bracconiera
The woods of the island of Elba were populated, until the beginning of the 19th century, by a wild boar typical of the island. It became extinct and was reintroduced in the 1950s. This brought back a recipe from the inland of the island. It is a wild-game dish, made fragrant by the use of typical herbs of the Mediterranean bushes.
Le penne in barca di Elbano Benassi
Elbano Benassi was a professional cook who also became mayor of Portoferraio in the second post-war period. It is his creation of a dish called Penne in barca. What is it about? Penne in barca is a dish made with penne and clams, seasoned with bechamel sauce and an egg yolk. A dish entered in the tradition of the island and that must be tasted at least once.
Panzanella all'Elbana
Here is another dish that you can find in the popular tradition and in what can be called "cucina povera" (poor cuisine). The base of panzanella is always the old bread, which is soaked and seasoned with tomatoes, capers, parsley and anchovies, not to mention a good dose of local olive oil, salt, pepper and chili pepper. A real treat.
Caciucco all'Elbana
here cannot be a holiday on Elba without tasting at least once a little Caciucco all'Elbana. The Caciucco is traditionally a fish soup created by putting together what was left on the boat after selling the best of the catch of the day. Compared to the traditional recipe of Cacuccio alla Livornese, the one you taste in Elba is a bit poorer. It doesn't matter, however: the taste sensation given by this dish is perfect.
Stoccafisso alla riese
Stocafisso alla riese is a dish based on cod, prepared and cooked for a long time in a terracotta casserole. It is cooked with potatoes, garlic, parsley, tomatoes and enriched with chili peppers, anchovies and capers. Some people also add pine nuts. Definitely a rich dish to eat with the family on special days.
Pane del Marinaio o del pescatore
Tuscan cuisine in general is full of sweet breads of all kinds. This sweet is typical of the island of Elba and is formed by a not too leavened dough, enriched with dried fruit and sugar. It was perfect to be brought in navigation and it was eaten dipping it in wine.